Popcorn Man Popcorn


A generous 4.5 litre bag of fresh popcorn, with the finest ingredients. Bags are resealable and the popcorn will stay fresh for 2 weeks.

  • Description

    Our flavours

    Sweet ‘n’ Salty:
    Some may call it honey popcorn, either way this is our most popular flavour and the original flavour we started with ten years ago.  Light crisp coating of sugar with a touch of salt to make anyone’s mouth water.

    Full-on caramel flavour without being too rich.  A light crunchy snack that is very popular for the sweet tooth.

    Salted Butter:
    Just like at the movies, only with top notch ingredients and popped kettle style to boost the flavour of the corn.

    Ancient Sea Salt:
    The most basic flavour we offer.  Beautiful tasting popcorn, with just enough sea salt to melt delicately in your mouth.  Depending on availability, we prioritise the salt to be Murray River Salt, however we also use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

    Nacho Cheese:
    Think of the cheese flavour you find on Dorito’s and CC’s.  Now add that to popcorn and you have a very moreish Nacho Cheese popcorn.  For the adventurous ones, we recommend adding a sprinkling of chili powder to give it even more punch!

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    Ancient Sea Salt, Caramel, Nacho Cheese, Salted Butter, Sweet 'n' Salty

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