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    • Ironbark Honey – This Ironbark Honey is from the blossoms of the uniquely Australian Ironbark trees found in open forests of Eastern Australia. It has a mild but distinctive sweet smooth taste which rests gently on the palate. With a slight toffee flavour.
    • Local Brisbane Honey – this local honey comes from hives located within the wider Brisbane region and brings to you the distinctive aroma and flavour of the Queensland’s sub-topical flora.  One of AB’s most popular honeys, the colour, fragrance and taste of this Local Brisbane Honey varies from season to season (and within seasons) depending on what the Brisbane native bushland provides to harvesting bees.
    • Leatherwood Honey – a strong-flavoured honey produced by bees feeding on the nectar of the leatherwood eucalyptus trees
    • Macadamia Honey – This high quality specialty honey is created by bees foraging on the white flowers (or blossoms) of our native Australian Macadamia trees. It has a distinctive nutty malt flavour
    • Rainforest Honey – blended from our local honeys, medium amber honey achieves an excellent balance of sweetness and flavor which endears it to families and chefs
    • Tea Tree Honey – taste the coast with this robustly flavoured medium to dark amber honey
    • Yellow Box Honey – one of the most popular australian honey varietals. It has a beautiful light amber colour, aromatic, with a mild distinctive flavour that is smooth and buttery on the tongue.  Lower GI than other honeys
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    Ironbark Honey, Leatherwood Honey, Local Brisbane Honey, Macadamia Honey, Rainforest Honey, Tea Tree Honey, Yellow Box Honey


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