How does this work?

  1. As this service has just launched, we are limiting the shipping area and included market sites to the Brisbane area.  Please note we will not be able to ship outside this area as yet, but stay tuned.

  2. Your order must be received prior to 12pm lunchtime on Friday for a Sunday delivery.

  3. As you browse the products on this site, you’ll find lots of lovely things to add to your basket.  To make searching easier, products can be grouped by your favourite market.  For example, if you always attend the Brisbane City Markets, select it from the filter and only the products from that market will be displayed.  All products are grouped in three categories to help make browsing easier: Farmer, Producer, and Maker.  You may also use the search function to find certain products you are looking for.  Do have a thorough look at all the products available to take advantage of our flat rate shipping – it’s only $10!

  4. Items sourced at a market can sometimes sell out. Although stallholders will endeavour to have your products available there may be times when this isn’t possible and we will try to provide an alternative product for you.

  5. The checkout process will be secure, quick, and easy for you. Choosing to create an account will make your checkout process even easier next time.

  6. We will personally collect your order from each stallholder, then deliver it safely to your door.

  7. Your order will be left at your front door in a box, so it is best to be home.  If you have ordered cold items and don’t think you will be at home for the delivery, you can add a cold box to your order to help keep items cool.

  8. Leave a review of the service on your favourite social media and tell all your people about how you’ve sourced such great products (creating a little jealousy is good!).