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Branding (corporate identity design)

When you think about branding, you probably think about big brand names like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple and Microsoft to name a few.

To demonstrate their corporate brand large corporations utilise sophisticated design techniques with a consistent image across packaging, marketing materials and corporate stationery. These same principles can be applied to your company (whether it is small, medium or large) to enable you to compete with the big brands.

The images you use to communicate your value and relevance to consumers are some of the most powerful tools available to compete for market share.

Source: Business Week, May 3, 2005

If your logo is the face of your company, your brand is its character. An outstanding character only comes through dedicated, focussed attention. Your brand will become a valuable asset encompassing every aspect of your visual identity. It will make you look more established, like a trustworthy business to deal with. Your brand will be consistent across every aspect of your business. It will stir emotion and it will spread your name. Your visual brand will build on your business fundamentals to drive your business to success.

Every brand created by Spicy Company Imaging receives a branding guide. This details all the guidelines to continue your brand professionally and consistently.