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It always amazes us to see so many businesses do their own advertising, without any thought going into their target market, and what makes advertisements sell. You can flick through any magazine and find at least 80% of the advertsiements don't follow the proven rules of advertising.

The main purpose of an advertisement is to sell. Too many ads are simply pretty pictures and possibly a clever slogan that in the end means nothing.

We aren't king of the advertising world, but we are working hard to get there. We learn from the greats such as the king of advertising - David Ogilvy (http://www.ogilvy.com/). Their techniques have been proven time and time again, and the rules are quite simple. The number one rule most businesses fail to do is testing. Testing your campaigns prior to the big launch could make a huge difference in sales. Sure, most businesses don't have huge budgets, but if the differnce between a tested campaign compared to a non-tested campaign is guarenteed 30%, then there wouldn't be any discussion.

Are you thinking about advertising your business? Give us a call and together we can create your campaign and work on imporving your sales.